XTB Issue 8 – The Real King


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ISBN: 1904889085

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Find out about Samuel and Saul in 1 Samuel.

Look at some of the prayers and songs David wrote – through good times AND bad.

Read about what happened to Jesus on the very first Easter in the final part of Mark.

And use your XTB Crown Coder to discover who the Real King is.

Issue Eight of XTB is called The Real King. Three months of Bible readings to help you investigate the first Easter in the last part of Mark’s Gospel, to meet the last of the judges – Samuel – and the first king of Israel – Saul – in the book of 1 Samuel, and to dip into some of King David’s psalms as well, plus you get a free XTB Crown Coder…!

XTB (eXplore The Bible) is a series of daily Bible reading notes for children of the 7-11 age group, with puzzles, pictures and prayers.

XTB is beautifully presented with full-colour illustrations and is a series of 12 books which, if used on a quarterly basis, will help a child cover all of the main books, themes and characters of the Bible in 3 years.

Look out for Table Talk – a book of daily Bible times for families with children aged from 4 upwards. The Bible passages are the same each day for XTB and Table Talk – so you can use the two books together, or on their own. Whichever suits you best.





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