The Word One to One (Pack 3)


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The Bible is God’s Word – Through the Spirit, it’s how He speaks to us. It tells us the good news of Jesus!  The Word One to One is a resource designed to walk you and your friends through the good news found in John’s Gospel.  The Word One to One is designed in such a way that anybody can use it! You don’t need a theology degree, or to be a seasoned church leader do it.


First, ask your friend if they want to read the Bible with you! While it might sound scary, many people want to find out what the Bible really says, they just need some help.


Then everything you need to read the Bible with your friend is contained in the resource.  On the left hand page is John’s Gospel in plain clear English. It’s broken up into manageable chunks, so that it isn’t overwhelming.


In the middle section are questions and comments. These can be used however you like – perhaps interactively with your friend, or rhetorically.  Either way, all the answers are on the right hand side, meaning your friend isn’t embarrassed if they don’t know the answer – and so you can have confidence in explaining what the bible passage means.

The questions are clear and easy to understand without being too simple.  In places there’s even extra information given, to help you and your friend understand the historical context or the tricky bits.

Using The Word One to One is so simple anyone can do it, but so important that everyone must try it – and as you do, you present Jesus to your friends through his word!