Women of Purpose: Faith Untamed: The Strength of Deborah, Rahab and Abigail [eBook]


By: Gatz, Elaine, Gatz, Gene

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ISBN: 9781430030164

Faith Untamed by Ivey Harrington Beckman, is the study of what happens when biblical heroines, unapologetic about upsetting the status quo, let loose the power of God through their circumstances. Rahab, Deborah, Abigail, and even Jael, were forces of nature and nurture who embraced their femininity without compromising the strength inherent in their being. Stand with Rahab in her crisis of belief. Journey through Deborah’s internal dialogue on the eve of war. Sense the power in Jael’s resolve. Experience the quiet strength and cunning of Abigail. (6 Sessions)

The Women of Purpose series highlights ordinary women God used in extraordinary ways. Exploring the hearts of these women helps modern women discover not only the biblical women, but also themselves. This unique series blends fun elements, interactive discovery-focused Bible study, creative experiential activities, and wonderful opportunities to connect with God, with other women, and with your heart.

Long before Ladies Homes Journal introduced “the power of a woman” into our vernacular, these unconventional ladies lived this wisdom with extraordinary strength and character. Now you can learn to do the same.







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