Women of Faith from OT (Good Book Guide)


By: Davis, Mary

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ISBN: 9781904889526

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From the Old Testament

Ask the average person about women from the Old Testament and they will probably imagine that these ancient documents have little to say.  After all, doesn’t the Bible come from an age in which women were totally repressed?  In fact, until recently, hasn’t the Bible itself been responsible for keeping women down?

If these are opinions that you share or have come across, then this Good Book Guide will give you a totally different view of the Bible.  It examines the lives and experiences of seven women from ancient Israel, highlighting their flaws and their faith, their struggles and solutions. Women who were wives, mothers and worshippers of God — from a pagan prostitute to a prophetess waging war.

Through the lives of these women we learn about God, ourselves, the great problem with this world, and what God is doing about it. This is not just a history course — these stories could change your life!

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