Why Good Arguments Often Fail


By: Sire, James


ISBN: 9781844741366

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Making A More Persuasive Case For Christ

You made the best case you knew how, and your friend still wasn’t persuaded to follow Christ.  Why is it that solid, rational arguments for the Christian faith often fail?

For over fifty years, James Sire, noted author and public defender of the Christian faith, has asked himself that question.  Sometimes, of course, the arguments themselves just aren’t that good.  How can we make them better?  Sometimes the problem has to do with us and not the arguments.  Our arrogance, aggressiveness, or cleverness gets in the way, or we misread our audience.  Sometimes the problem lies with the hearers.  Their worldview or moral blindness keeps them from hearing and understanding the truth.

With wisdom borne of both formal and informal experience, Sire grapples with these issues and offers practical insight into making a more persuasive case for Christ.





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