Who Made the Moon? [HC]


By: Brouwer, Sigmund



ISBN: 9780849920400

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A Father Explores How Faith and Science Agree

Prepare yourself for questions every parent or friend of a searcher must answer.

As bestselling author Sigmund Brouwer began to hear more and more questions about creation from his growing daughters, he realized that the issue could easily turn them away from developing faith in God.  Was he going to stand by and let them wrestle alone with widely asserted contradictions between science and Genesis, especially as they got older?  Or could he prepare himself to help them understand more clearly the truth in the Bible’s foundation?

In Who Made the Moon?, Brouwer engages the reader by combining easily understood science concepts with inspirational stories from a loving father’s heart.  He says, “I believe it’s my responsibility to know enough about both the Bible and science to answer the difficult questions.  I want to be able to show my children that truth is indivisible and that faith in the God of Genesis has nothing to fear from science.”