When Relationships Collide (DVD Leader K


ISBN: 634337356730

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Bible Studies for Life: When Relationships Collide – Leader Kit includes one Group Member Book and one DVD-ROM that includes: six 5-8 minute videos that introduce the session topic and offer biblical insight to contribute to the group discussion, expanded leader’s guide with commentary and question-by-question material to advance the group discussion, presentation slide (also useful in conjunction with free online sermon outlines), banner ad for group pages or church Web sites, downloadable visual aids to enhance the content during group time, and personal development articles for leaders. Leader Kit includes helpful resources for a church campaign or a small group Bible study. Group Member Book Video for all six sessions featuring the author providing biblical insight to stimulate group discussion Leader guide (expanded with commentary) Promotional helps including video, posters, banner ads, and presentation slide Free online sermon outlines are also available for each study. Features: Names people in the Bible who dealt with conflict Offers principles for dealing with conflict in healthy ways Recognizes God’s role in conflict Identifies how God would have you resolve conflict Benefits: Helps you see how conflict works Enables you to resolve conflict well Useful for small groups of any kind Perfect for churches with hybrid Sunday School classes or home groups Serves as study for accountability groups Usable as a retreat Bible study