What’s the Big Deal? (God’s Design for S


By: Jones, Stan & Brenna



ISBN: 9781631469527

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Why God Cares about Sex

Even at a young age, your kids probably know about sex.  But what they’ve gathered from TV, other kids, or the internet is often distorted and incomplete.  Designed to foster age-appropriate conversations about sexuality, What’s the Big Deal provides kids with a safe space to ask hard questions that they might find embarrassing.

With questions and prompts so you can easily read together and have healthy discussions, this book explains:

  • Why God made adults with a desire to have sex
  • What God says in the Bible about sex and why it’s designed for marriage
  • The amazing changes that happen to a child’s body as they grow
  • How to respond to sexual pressure from friends, TV shows, movies, and magazines
  • The importance of committing to purity and chastity

Now revised and updated with:

  • Separate chapters on puberty for boys and girls
  • Chapters on pornography, same-sex relationships, and sexual abuse

Designed for children ages 8 to 12.

Get the rest of the bestselling God’s Design for Sex series so you can start healthy discussions with your children at each stage of life – from toddlers to teens.





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