Sex: What You Didn’t Learn From Your Par


By: Turner, Matthew

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ISBN: 9781576839409

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A Guide to a Touchy Subject

What do birds and bees have to do with it?  Chances are, most of us learned about sex in informal settings like the schoolyard, from our friends, and from television.  Some of us even had the uncomfortable “sex talk” with our parents.  And we’ve never looked at birds and bees the same way since.  But even though sex seems to be everywhere in today’s culture, we still can’t seem to comfortable talk about it with each other.  So it’s no wonder that it can be misunderstood, misused and, well, a mystery.  Popular author Matthew Paul Turner takes a candid look at this taboo topic through a refreshingly real approach.  With his signature style and humorous insights, Matthew tackles tough issues such as pornography and abstinence, while providing ideas for pursuing sexuality, in singleness and marriage, from an honest, spiritual perspective. All of which can lead to a better understanding of God’s plan for sex, despite the awkward sex talk.





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