What Would Jesus Say About Your Church?


By: Mayhue, Richard


ISBN: 185792150X

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Is your church growing?

The question can be answered in two ways – is it growing numerically or growing spiritually? A church can do the former without the latter, sometimes even the latter without the former! Surely what we want, though, is both.

Richard Mayhue, the Dean of The Master’s Seminary in California, investigates the good and bad points about the churches mentioned in the Bible: The seven churches of Asia, the four Greek churches and the church in Jerusalem. Using the helpful study guide section and questionnaire you can see where your church needs to change.

Many churches today are embarking on an increasingly pragmatic approach ‘If it works – then do it!’ But in the long term what will ‘selling the gospel’ do if it replaces evangelism? Richard shows us a clear pathway for us to follow. There is more than enough guidance here to turn the world upside down – just as the early church did!





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