What the Bible Teaches About Christian P


By: Ellsworth, Roger



ISBN: 9780852346488

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We live in trying times, times of moral laxity and confusion, times when God’s laws are scorned and disdained, times in which people make up their own rules as they go along.

Parents rightly want their children to be happy. But what produces happiness? Many parents think it is produced by allowing their children to do whatever they want.

All of this makes the bringing up of godly children extremely difficult and challenging. Sometimes it seems impossible. All the different aspects of our society seem to have come together in a gigantic conspiracy to undermine the morality of our children, and Christian parents struggle to know how to respond.

The Bible is a practical book. It deals with real-life people dealing with real-life problems and seeking real-life solutions. Parenting is one of those areas where many real-life people are finding real-life problems. The Bible has real-life solutions!





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