What On Earth is the Church For?


By: Devenish, David



ISBN: 9781860245374

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A radical approach to church mission and social action that asks, ‘If mission is not the central purpose of the church, then what is?’

David Devenish believes that the church exists as a means of taking the gospel message to every people group. He believes that the church is very much at the centre of God’s purposes, and in this book presents the church, not as a static pastoral community, but as a vibrant, active body totally committed to world mission.

David investigates the importance of church planting to reach the nations, looks at Church-based mission and how to make local churches missional in both thinking and practice.

Set within a framework of the Kingdom of God, David demonstrates what the kingdom down to earth really implies for Church-based kingdom social action.

Finally, he examines the culture and contextualisation of social action along with some of the dangers and difficulties of apostolic mission, before asking the fundamental question, Who will go?





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