What Happens When…?


By: Currie, Peter


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ISBN: 9781846251825

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Becoming a Christian means starting a new life. Many new Christians—and not so new ones—have questions about the Christian life. What does it mean to be a Christian? How should Christians ensure they keep growing in the faith? What should they do when they face temptation? How should they deal with tiredness and worry? What will happen when they die? The easy to-understand studies in this book deal with these and other key questions in a straightforward, practical way. Whether you are a new believer or a Christian who wants to get back to basics, this book will lead you to ‘the pure milk of the Word, that you may grow thereby’(1 Peter 2:2).

Chapter on ‘when sinners trust in the Lord Jesus Christ’ and then:

Chapters on ‘When Christians want to…’

be sure, tell others, go to church, are tempted, sin, want to work for God, get tired, perplexed or worried, make progress, go through difficult times and die.

About the Author:

Peter Currie describes himself as only a sinner saved by the wonderful grace of God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He spent twenty years working with an insurance company before becoming part of a team producing computer software for insurance companies worldwide. For many years
he served as a leader of a Crusader Bible class for boys. He also spent six years caring for his elderly mother and is now very much involved in the life and ministry of Trinity Road Chapel, London.

‘All in a saving relationship with Christ face a whole range of challenges to their faith and pursuit of holiness … Peter Currie has given us a helpful contribution to know what to do when these challenges come. His user guide for life is easily read, compact and concentrated. And it is very uplifting— spiritually sensitive, kindly expressed and very practically applied.
Revd Doug McMasters, Senior Pastor, New Hyde Park Baptist Church, New
York (formerly Senior Pastor, Trinity Road Chapel, London)





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