The Westminster Shorter Catechism (2nd


By: Williamson, G I


ISBN: 0875525210

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This catechism study was written while the author was pastor of one of the Reformed Churches of New Zealand

The method of study was as follows: Students were expected to read each lesson carefully before class, and to write out their answers to the questions. Then, at the time of the week when the class met, these answers were recited and discussed. When a wrong or inadequate answer was given, the author did not immediately issue a definitive correction. Rather, members of the class were encouraged to evaluate, criticize, & attempt to formulate the right answer. In this way they learned to think out the implications of the doctrine being studied. The goal was to lead the class through discussion to a sharp discrimination between true and untrue, adequate and inadequate answers.

If there is any value in this study, the ‘catechism kids’ of the Mangere Reformed Church of Auckland deserve much of the credit. They were a never failing encouragement to the author as we worked through these lessons together.





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