The Way of Transforming Discipleship (L


By: Bryant, Stephen


ISBN: 9780835898416

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Discover a way to authentic Christian spirituality in this sixth title in the Companions in Christ series. By shining the light of God’s Word into the darkness of our lives, Hudson will lead you to a pathway of discovery and growth. Explore the markers of the journey: * Knowing Who You Are * Changing from the Inside * Listening to the Groans * Experiencing the God Who Heals * Discovering Community Together Join this journey to experience more deeply what it means to live as a follower of Christ. Understand the meaning of spiritual formation and how it leads to a spirituality that’s authentic and grace-filled. Reflect on what your faith means in terms of who you are, how you must change, how you deal with pain, and how you relate to others. Be challenged to live the whole gospel by authentically connecting spirituality with discipleship.