Vintage Jesus (AudioBook CD)


By: Driscoll & Breshears


ISBN: 9781433501289

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Timeless Answers to Timely Questions 

Some two thousand years after he walked the earth, Jesus Christ is still a hot topic.  And for all the ridiculous, twisted, Da Vinci Code-esque conspiracy theories and lies about Jesus that have permeated popular culture and even the academy over the years, the truth about his character, nature, and work has not changed.  So what exactly is the truth about Jesus Christ?

That’s the question the authors of Vintage Jesus seek to answer by breaking it down into a number of sub-questions about Jesus, including Is Jesus the only God?  Why did Jesus come to earth?  Did Jesus rise from death?  Why should we worship Jesus? and others.

Nonbelievers and new Christians looking to sit down and delve into the topic of Jesus, asking the toughest, most confounding questions they can think of, will find solid, biblical answers presented in a relevant, accessible way.





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