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By: Stanley & Bennet

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ISBN: 9781590525166

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You Can Have the Life You Want

Youre on the brink of life! Sure, youve had one for a while now, but the teen years are the prime time to define the rest of your life. But how, realistically, can you secure a regretless future in the face of so many major, life-changing decisions? Now, by asking just one simple question, youll make the best decision every time. And a bright futureone with no lumps in your throat, sinking sensations in your chest, or weight on your shoulderswill be yours! From dating dilemmas to career aspirations, you can confidently chart a successful course in every area of your life. But no one else will do it for you. Its entirely up to you.


You made a choice.


Its no big deal.


Youre wondering, What was I thinking?! 

Now, by asking just one simple question, you can avoid regret before it defines your life. This powerful question will enable you to navigate your way to the life youve always wanted. Many consider this the best question ever. You are about to find out why!

Its your life.

And life is full of choices.

What kind of choices will you make?

Its up to you!