Until Tomorrow (College Years Book 1)


By: Gunn, Robin Jones


ISBN: 9781942704003

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Nineteen–year–old Christy Miller has been on her own for nearly a year, studying at an international university in Basel, Switzerland. Despite her great experiences so far, she can’t help but look forward to a visit from her two closest friends, Todd and Katie. The two of them are on their way to Basel to pick up Christy and head off on a three–week whirlwind tour of Europe.

But their trip soon gets off to a rocky start, and Christy wonders if the once–close connection between her and Todd is still there––especially since Christy can’t get a minute alone with Todd to discuss their relationship. As the three friends explore from the fjords of Norway to the canals of Venice, Christy makes an unsettling discovery about the value of keeping her promises. Her jealousy of the time Todd spends with Katie has Christy constantly second–guessing herself, and she is overwhelmed with the realization that she will soon have to say good–bye to him all over again, not sure of where they stand. Will her most precious hopes have to wait until tomorrow?