Two Trees Called Hope and Faith


By: Campion, Peter


ISBN: 9780620479158

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In the early autumn of 2002 my lovely wife, Jean, was diagnosed with a melanoma of the sinus, a very lethal form of cancer. This is a story of how we tackled this disaster through our Christian faith and preserved our sanity during a traumatic two-year journey.

The book was primarily written to fulfil a promise that I made to Jean to tell the Christian side of her story to her family whom she loved so much, in the hope that they too would embrace the Christian faith and be reunited with her in heaven.

Besides suffering, I also have tackled the controversial debate of why Christ is the only true path to the Father, as well as describing the context of the spiritual battle within which we conduct our daily existence. Christianity is presented as a relationship rather than a religion.

I have also shared some very practical advice on how to cope with a terminally ill loved one within the shortcomings of current medical science and in a materialistic, fast-paced city like Johannesburg.





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