Truth for All Seasons


By: Coppola, Antonio

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ISBN: 9780987017598

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Antonio Coppola spells out clearly the core doctrines of the gospel of the kingdom. The Godhead, Christology, the fall, the atonement, the end times are presented in an uncompromising biblical framework. However, he is not doctrinaire when dealing with controversial issues such as Israel and gender. While he identifies the non-negotiable truths, he emphasises the essentially relational nature of faith – and that the church, like life, is messy. Faith is not a locked compartment of life, but transforms all of life.

The apostle Jude commands us to contend for the faith. In the full armour of God, Antonio charges into the battlefield to expose the falsehood of theological liberalism, relativism, the monism of the Emergent Church and otherworldly aberrations such as evolution theory. This book recovers our confidence in the authority of Scripture. It is a tonic. It throbs with light and power.
Jonathan Leach, Former pastor, Sarepta Church, Kloof, South Africa




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