True Friendship


By: Roberts, Vaughan


ISBN: 9781909611320

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Walking Shoulder to Shoulder

In a culture where online communications and communities can be set up in seconds, it is striking that loneliness is still rampant. Even in the church, a place where we might hope for an oasis of love and acceptance, we can find interactions awkward and superficial.

It’s for this reason that Vaughan Roberts takes us back to the Bible, and challenges us to consider our need for true friendship. He’s both honest and clear in his approach as he shows us that knowing and being known by God is the hope we need to begin to deal with the sickness of our ‘self–love’ society.

So whatever the state of your friendships, take heart and take hold of this book – because as you do, you’ll see that we can live out our true humanity as we sacrificially love others for God’s glory.

Each chapter includes thoughtful reflection and discussion questions to help change us as we read, as well as practical suggestions for how we can make a real difference to our friendships.




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  1. Raynard Sims (@RaynardSims)

    In this short book, Roberts seeks to think briefly on the topic of friendship. It is a helpful endeavor as he seeks not only relate friendship to the Christian, but seeks to help the non­Christian to see their need for Jesus for the basis of any meaningful friendship. Roberts continues throughout the book to seek to explain the need for friendship in everyone’s life, this especially relevant in today’s society. Roberts sheds some helpful commentary on how to have healthy friendships and dangers to watch out for.

    This book is helpful for anyone who is struggling in friendships and seeking advice as how to deals with the various issues. The book may also be extremely helpful for young (and old) people to read and to think on the friendships they have and how important they are. Finally, this book may be a helpful resource and opportunity for Christians to show the importance of Jesus to people who do not know who Jesus and this through the basis of friendship.

    I would definitely encourage anyone to pick up this book and read it at least once… and then pick it up again and read it with a friend.

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