Triumph of the Lamb (Revelation) [HC]


By: Johnson, Dennis


ISBN: 9780875522005

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The book of Revelation by its very name, is an unveiling, a vivid disclosure of invisible realities. And yet, confronted with bizarre imagery that is alien to our experience, we are often left asking, “What in the world does this book mean?” In this section-by-section commentary, Dennis E. Johnson deftly guides us through questions about how to interpret Revelation, what kind of literature it is, what it meant to its original audience, and how it equips us today for spiritual warfare. Describing Revelation as “a book of symbols in motion” and “a book permeated by worship,” Johnson gives special attention to the Old Testament background of John’s pictorial vocabulary and how vision-cycles structure the Apocalypse. He casts light on the historical, religious, and cultural contents of John’s first hearers in Asic Minor, a church under attack. The central themes of Revelation emerge to fill out our vision of Christ’s triumph over the enemy.