Treasures of John Owen (5 Vol Boxed Set)


By: Owen, John

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ISBN: 9781848710825

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In recent decades, several of Owen’s works have been edited and published in paperback format to make them more readily accessible into Christians in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Now, in this beautifully produced box set, the Treasures of John Owen, they are being republished in hardback format arranged in five volumes. Within this box set readers will find themselves entering a world of biblical, doctrinal, pastoral and spiritual instruction that is not only accessible to them, but also leads them into a fresh understanding of the greatness of the gospel — what Paul describes as the four-dimensional love of God for us in Christ (‘breadth and length, height and depth’) — and its many practical implications. Here then is a collection of books designed to enable us to grow in both knowledge and grace.