Transforming Practice


By: Graham, Elaine

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ISBN: 1579109225

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Pastoral Theology in an Age of Uncertainty

We live in an age of uncertainty in which there is no longer a consensus of values. Established ideals associated with progress, humanism and reason have been discredited by critical voices that emphasize pluralism, difference and scepticism. Some have diagnosed this as typical of the ‘postmodern condition’ and for many it heralds the collapse of any shared vision of ‘hope and obligation’ as we approach the millennium.
In the face of this crisis of value, what sources and norms may now guide purposeful Christian action in the world? Do Christian truth-claims make any coherent sense amidst the confusing narratives of the public domain? The task of this book, therefore, is to reconstruct the values by which Christian praxis may be guided in a pluralist and fragmented society, and to identify a model of pastoral theology in a postmodern age.
Elaine Graham argues that the proper focus of pastoral theology is not applied theology, or the work of the ordained pastor, but rather the critical study of values or the purposeful practices of the faith-community itself.
This book will be of interest to students and teachers of pastoral studies and practical theology, as well as those in Christian ministry and the caring professions.





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