Transform Your Church


By: Beasley-Murray, Paul


ISBN: 9781844740857

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As a minister of a local church, I know how easy it is to become isolated. My experience very quickly becomes confined to my own church’, writes Paul Beasley-Murray. ‘In such a situation it makes such a difference to read how others “do church”, not in order to adopt ideas wholesale, but to take and adapt that which would be appropriate.’
With warmth, originality and skill, Paul Beasley-Murray shares his pastoral wisdom with the wider church family. This is a book to dip into again and again. Readers will find it a trusted teacher, guide and stimulus to further thinking. Everywhere the author’s personality shines through, though Paul Beasley-Murray is at pains to point out that he is only a learner, leading a church that is still very much on a journey. Each chapter ends with Scriptures to reflect on





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