The Tony Payne Collection


By: Payne, Tony


ISBN: 9781925424157

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Through books like The Trellis and The Vine, The Vine Project, How to Walk into Church, Fatherhood and Guidance and the Voice of God, Tony Payne has become a widely read and highly regarded Christian author. He is well-known for his ability to make even the toughest topics clear and accessible.
But Tony Payne doesn’t just write books.
For more than a quarter of a century, in an evangelical journal called The Briefing, Tony wrote prodigiously on a staggering diversity of subjects—from euthanasia to worship, from predestination to miracles, prayer, homosexuality, contentment, emotions… In fact, you could pretty much say that if it’s a significant topic for Christians, Tony Payne has written on it.
Better than keep all that invaluable content hidden away in an archive, this collection makes the best articles available for the benefit of a whole new contingent of readers.

• High-quality and easy-to-read input on a wide range of important topics—so it’s good for the generalgrowth in thinking of most Christians

• Exposes many Christians to works of Tony Payne that they may not have previously read.

“The evangelical world owes much to Tony Payne for his writing. Everything he writes is thoroughly biblical and also fresh, radical and thought-provoking.” — Vaughan Roberts, St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford