Timothy and Titus Game CD Rom



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Immerse yourself in ancient Christian lands with Timothy and Titus. Experience Timothy and Titus’ adventures in vivid detail, as you chase a mysterious letter thief to exciting Biblical locations like Crete, Ephesus, and the majestic lands of Rome. From the artistic style of Timothy and Titus to the heavily armored Roman soldiers, each character brings ancient lands to life. Timothy and Titus combines core Christian virtues with a powerful message. The innovative Christian Gameplay Paradigm includes nonviolent gameplay, mixed with dazzling graphics, for an exceptional gaming experience for all ages. Children as young as 5 will enjoy Timothy and Titus, and parents can feel safe knowing the Christian fundamentals of love, faith, and hope are the basis of the game. Travel through ancient lands of early Christianity. Experience the thrill of adventure through puzzles, traps, and secret areas. Face danger at every corner and wield powerful skills from heaven. Become the hero God has chosen you to be.




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