Time For A Change


By: Stout, Larry


ISBN: 9780768423846

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  • A progressive leader seeking the next higher level?
  • A leader who wants to make a powerful impact?
  • A manager who wants to be a leader?
  • A leader-in-waiting?

Just as the Rosetta stone provided the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Ideal Leadership Model described in this book provides a clear guide to learning effective and successful leadership skills.

Author and educator Dr. Larry Stout is recognized internationally for his unique perspective and theory explaining leadership development and the benefits of Ideal Leadership in settings including: business, political, sports, military, finance, and spiritual.

Leaders in America, Eastern Europe, and newly-democratic Latvia have proven that the Ideal Leadership “six competencies”-vision, values, wisdom, courage, trust, and voice-will change you into a more powerful and positive influence in your organization, community, country, and world.





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