Three Years at War (Life Stories) [eBook]


By: Fortune, Josh

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ISBN: 9781846254840

The diary of a cameraman in Afghanistan

After being forced to leave the Army through injury, Josh Fortune’s life is in a mess. Blaming God for his sufferings, he begins to fall away from his faith. Out of the blue Josh is offered a job working as a cameraman in Afghanistan. Seizing the chance to get real excitement and adventure, Josh takes the job and is thrust into three years at war. He experiences fear, friendship, combat, and love. Above all, God uses the literal desert experience to bring Josh back to him in this gripping tale of a Christian at war.
Since returning from Afghanistan, Josh lives in London with his wife, Danielle, and their son Jacob. Josh preaches regularly, and helps to run a Youth Group at his church, as well as fulfilling various speaking commitments.

This book evokes in clear, simple, but deeply resonant language a young man’s journey: from rejection by the British Army to veteran status; from yearning for combat, to never wishing for it again; from too shy to tell a girl he likes her to proposal.And from losing God to finding Him; spurning Him to putting his trust in Him for everything – absolutely. Josh Fortune beautifully captures the totality of soldiering; the boredom, the waiting, the fear, the confusion, the humour, the compassion and the comradeship. If you are a soldier you will recognise it instantly; if you are not you must read it to understand al little of what it is to be one.’ Brigadier Matt Maer DSO MBE






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