Thirsting for God


By: Thomas, Gary


ISBN: 9780736928908

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Gary Thomas, a popular speaker and the bestselling author of Sacred Pathways, invites readers to reinvigorate their faith journey as he sheds light on refreshing perspectives about prayer, hope, purpose, and the thirst for God and His love.

With insight from Garys personal journey, readers delve into classic Christian writings from John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Thomas à Kempis, and others, and emerge with practical and unexpected ways to

  •  know God more intimately and delight in Him
  •  embark on a path of spiritual training that lasts a lifetime
  •  experience the joy of a life surrendered to Christ
  •  discover kindred spirits in the great Christian thinkers and seekers
  •  move toward spiritual growth and understanding

Thirsting for God offers companionship and the mentorship of great words, minds, and hearts as readers encounter a fulfilling, transforming relationship with God.