A Theology as Big as the City


By: Bakke, Ray

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ISBN: 0830818901

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“As we look at the world-class cities around our planet, we face five new urban realities: a crack cocaine epidemic, assault weapons, massive numbers of homeless children, HIV/AIDS and (in the U.S.) what Time magazine has called `the browning of America.’  The needs of the urban population are greater than ever. . . . As our cities swell with immigrants, I’m reminded that Jesus was born in a borrowed barn in Asia and became an African refugee in Egypt, so the Christmas story is about an international migrant.  Furthermore, a whole village full of baby boys died for Jesus before he had the opportunity to die for them on the cross.  Surely this Jesus understands the pain of children who die for the sins of adults in our cities.”  How does God see the city?  What does Scripture have to say about urban ministry?  These are the questions Ray Bakke has systematically addressed, beginning with Genesis and continuing through to Revelation.  Here is a biblical theology that will constantly surprise and challenge as you get a glimpse of how big God’s view of the city really is.





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