The Wondrous Cross eBook


By: Campbell, Iain



ISBN: 9781783970025

The author writes: “I happily sit at the feet of Isaac Watts; and even if I am not entirely convinced by his argument that the new covenant necessitates a new hymnody, I am glad to learn from him, and meditate at the grandeur of the vision expressed in his hymns, as well as the power of the devotional element in them. I invite you to do the same as we take the best-known of all his hymns as the basis for our studies on the cross of Christ. Composed for a communion service, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross was published in the 1707 collection under the title, Crucifixion to the World by the Cross of Christ. In its original form it had a fourth stanza which is often omitted in current editions. This stanza reads: His dying crimson, like a robe, Spreads o’er his body on the tree; Then am I dead to all the globe, And all the globe is dead to me.






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