The Whole Life


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52 Weeks of Biblical Self-Care

Long distance runners know that they have to find a pace that they can keep for the long haul.  Have you found that pace in your own life?  Or does busyness, overwork, and stress threaten you with burnout?

Counselors Eliza Huie and Esther Smith know firsthand how important it is to attend to our whole life — the spiritual, emotional and physical facets God created in each of us.  They give Christians a biblical framework, encouragement, and practical ways to pace yourself for a lifetime of service and love.

In this practical guide, readers will explore the idea of biblical stewardship as it applies to all areas of life, with the understanding that we can only offer others what we have first received from our own growing relationship with Christ.  Exhaustion, spiritual apathy, and burnout are not signs of how important and significant our life is, as our culture might lead us to believe.  Instead they are warning signs that we need to turn to God for daily help in how to steward our lives and our days.

The Whole Life describes a balanced life that honors God and enables good works, offering practical guidance for renewing body and soul so that readers will be energized to engage life with renewed enthusiasm and vigor for service to God.  Six key focal areas include health, preparation, faith, work, play, and rest, offering helpful strategies for each so that Christians can experience transformation in how they care for themselves and others.