The Unwavering Pastor


By: Dodson, Jonathan



ISBN: 9781784987657

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Leading the Church with Grace in Divisive Times

Leadership is hard.  Pastoring through divisive times is even harder.  How do we lead well when criticised?  How do we keep loving the church when hurt by her?  What does it look like to remain committed to the gospel in cultural division?

Seasoned pastor Jonathan Dodson comes alongside struggling pastors and ministry leaders to guide them into the comfort of Christ.  But he doesn’t stop there.  Full of wisdom drawn from 2 Timothy, this book will equip you to lead the church with grace, charity, and spiritual power through divisive times.

Great for pastors and ministry leaders who need encouragement and insight, or are wrestling with their calling.  Makes a thoughtful gift.  Foreword written by Dane Ortlund.

Jonathan Dodson is the founding pastor of City Life Church in Austin, TX (part of the Acts 29 network of churches), founder of Gospel-Centered, and author of numerous books including Gospel-Centered Discipleship and Our Good Crisis: Overcoming Moral Chaos with the Beatitudes of Jesus.