The Ultimate Bible Character Guide [HC]


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The Bible is filled with incredible and interesting characters—from Jesus to Eglon, Gabriel to Legion. The Ultimate Bible Character Guide brings 150 of them to life with comic-book style illustrations and hundreds of facts for kids to explore.

Your 6- to 12-year-olds will be captivated to read about both well-known characters of the Bible and some they have yet to discover. They’ll learn what characters’ names meant, what strengths God gave them, who they considered enemies, and what battles they fought. Which one was possessed by demons? Who wrestled an angel? Who never died? It’s all here, the good and the evil, the famous and the infamous.

In true encyclopedia form, characters are arranged alphabetically and indexed so that favorites can be found easily. Contemporaries are marked as such, and a timeline helps kids understand and place each story. Spreads include full-length illustrations of each character, list of facts, descriptions, and background info.