The Training of the Twelve


By: Bruce, A B

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ISBN: 9781478175520

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The Training of the Twelve tells us in detail how Jesus chose and trained the twelve apostles, imbuing each with the knowledge and instruction that would become the founding wisdom of Christianity.

We find in this book a detailed and intensive Biblical biography, with chapters dedicated to each of the twelve. The methods which Jesus Christ uses in selecting his disciples is examined, as we witness the various episodes in his existence. Bruce’s narrative is chronological, and it is useful for the reader to have a Bible to hand to better understand and comprehend the lessons present in the text. A. B. Bruce also includes valuable and soundly reasoned passages on the identity of the three unnamed apostles.

The author skillfully identifies and explains the different traits and circumstances of the various Apostles, and the values of humanity which they contributed to Jesus’ mission as the Son of God. The redemption and confession of Peter, the duplicitous nature of Judas, and the eternal greatness of the Holy Spirit are all discussed. While A. B. Bruce is a scholar, he also imparts his own salient and wise thoughts, commonly when summarizing an apostle and their deeds.

Alexander Balmain Bruce worked for decades in the Free Church of Scotland, variously preaching and studying the ancient lore of the Bible. His commentaries were popular during his lifetime, with translations made to other languages – notably, he was among the few Scottish Biblical theologians to gain the approval and respect of the German scholarly establishment.