The Thirty Nine Articles


By: Packer & Beckwith


ISBN: 9781573834131

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Their Place and Use Today 

What defines the Church of England?  Are the Thirty-nine Articles of any relevance today?  Anglicanism, according to Jim Packer, possesses “the truest, wisest and potentially richest heritage in all Christendom” with the Thirty-nine Articles at its heart.  They catch the substance and spirit of biblical Christianity superbly well, and also provide and excellent model of how to confess the faith in a divided Christendom.

In this Latimer Study, Packer aims to show how the sixteenth century Articles should be viewed in the twenty-first century, and how they can enrich the faith of Anglicans in general and of Anglican evangelicals in particular.  He demonstrates why the Articles must once again be given a voice within the church, not merely as an historical curiosity but an authoritative doctrinal statement.

A thought-provoking appendix by Roger Beckwith offers seventeen Supplementary Articles, addressing theological issues which have come into prominence since the original Articles were composed.  This booklet, first published more than twenty years ago, remains much in demand and as timely as ever.