The Third Person of the Trinity


By: Crisp & Sanders

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ISBN: 9780310106913

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A Fresh Look at the Holy Spirit.

Recent decades have recognized pneumatology—the theology of the Holy Spirit—as a critical component in Christian thought, worthy of increased attention. While scholarly discussion about the Spirit is both creative and lively, it does sometimes occur in outlying areas of doctrine and practice rather than within its context of the doctrine of God.

The Third Person of the Trinity represents the proceedings of the 2020 Los Angeles Theology Conference, which examined pneumatology as a core component of the doctrine of the Trinity, offering constructive proposals for understanding the doctrine of the Holy Spirit with theological and historical depth, ecumenical scope, and analytic clarity.

The twelve diverse essays in this collection include discussions on:

  • Understanding the Holy Spirit’s presence in creation.
  • The mystery of the Trinity and the procession of the Spirit.
  • An exploration of a Black American pneumatology of freedom.
  • Exploring pneumatology alongside sorrow and suffering.

Each of the essays collected in this volume engage with Scripture as well as with others in the field—theologians both past and present, from different confessions—in order to provide constructive resources for contemporary systematic theology and to forge a theology for the future.