The New Strong-Willed Child (DVD)


By: Dobson, James, Dr


ISBN: 868515000041

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“The strong willed child probably has greater potential for character development and accomplishment and maybe for leadership than a compliant child.”

In this hour-long feature, Dr. James Dobson helps you understand the difference between childish irresponsibility and willful defiance; why many children push boundaries by way of their inherent nature; and clearly understanding the differences between compliant versus defiant children.

BUILDING A FAMILY LEGACY is a series of films, Bible studies, and books designed to inspire parents to leave a priceless legacy of personal faith in Jesus Christ to their children, grandchildren…and to generations that follow.  Titles in this series include: Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift, Bringing up Boys, Bringing Up Girls, Dare To Discipline, The Strong Willed Child, Straight Talk To Men, and Love For A Lifetime.