The Story of Everything [eBook]


By: Wilson, Jared C.

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ISBN: 9781433544606

How You, Your Pets, and the Swiss Alps Fit into God’s Plan for the World

God is telling a story. Are you listening?

We’re all searching for significance—something deeper, richer, and bigger than what we can see in our unremarkable, everyday routines. The greatest news we can hear is that God has a very real purpose for everything in this life. In The Story of Everything, Jared Wilson explores the redemptive story that God is telling in and through the world, helping us play our part in his ultimate plan to make all things new.


Jared C. Wilson is the managing editor of resources and director of communications at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and College in Kansas City, Missouri. He is also a popular author and conference speaker, and blogs regularly at The Gospel Driven Church, hosted by the Gospel Coalition. His books include Your Jesus Is Too Safe, Gospel Wakefulness, Gospel Deeps, The Pastor’s Justification, The Storytelling God, and The Wonder-Working God.


The Story of Everything is one of the most accurately titled books I have ever read. Jared Wilson rightly diagnoses the desperately ‘truncated vision’ with which most of us live our daily lives, and The Story of Everything is just the needed tonic. Accessible, highly engaging, and humorous, this book brings home the overarching narrative flow of Scripture in a way that leaves the reader hungry for the happy ending yet also eager to get the most out of every page in between now and then. I have been waiting for years for someone to write this book!”
J. Alasdair Groves, Director of Counseling, CCEF New England

“If you need to hear some incredible news, read this book. It will change you. In his creative sovereignty, God’s plan makes sense of all the incomprehensible events in the world. In The Story of Everything, Jared serves as a wise, caring, funny, and insightful tour guide who explores the terrain of this promise. When you feel the haunt of futility or if you ever feel lost, it is important to know that God has a plan for everything.”
Justin S. Holcomb, Episcopal Priest; Professor of Christian Thought, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; co-author, Rid of My Disgrace and Is It My Fault?  

“We serve a grand and glorious God who does indeed have a plan for this world. How do we fit into this plan? Dig in. Jared Wilson gives us a thought-provoking glimpse into the big questions of life and the greatest story of all—God’s story.”
Jacob Tamme, tight end for the Atlanta Falcons

“It’s fitting that a book called The Story of Everything would weave together things like the cosmos and pets, Augustine and Plato, football and Ecclesiastes. In a truly accessible way, Jared Wilson helps us see that there is indeed something that links all this and more together.”
Michael Kelley, Director of Groups Ministry, Lifeway Resources Division

“Imagine going on a trip without having any idea as to your destination. You would end up confused, lost, and probably pretty scared. Knowing the starting place and destination is a crucial part of every journey. Too many Christians end up confused, lost, and even scared because they don’t know the beginning and end of the journey called ‘life.’ If you don’t know what God is up to, it’s hard to trust him when things seem out of control. In The Story of Everything, Jared Wilson uses the Bible as a map to take the reader from the beginning of time to the return of Christ. Wilson helps us see just what God is up to, in order that we might love God more, worship God, and live on earth as citizens of heaven.”
Stephen Altrogge, pastor, Sovereign Grace Church of Indiana, Pennsylvania; author, Game Day for the Glory of God: A Guide for Athletes, Fans, and Wannabes

“This book really made me think, well, about everything! Jared helped make sense of how my life and talents fit into God’s story of grace and glory!”
Daniel Seavey, recording artist; 2015 American Idol finalist

“Like a tour of life, Wilson takes the story of the infinite grace and glory of God colliding with the souls of man and shows how it relates to bacon, to sex, to work—to everything. As a former athlete, current husband, father, pastor, author, and bacon-eater (of whom I am the foremost), I needed this guided tour of life, this story of everything, and the grace beyond the sun that makes it matter.”
Jim Essian, Pastor, The Paradox Church; former professional baseball player; author, Like Father, Like Sons

The Story of Everything is a small summa for our time. Wilson holds the multifaceted jewel of the world up to the light of the gospel, slowly rotating it, allowing the reader to see the present and future goodness of God reflecting and refracting in every part. Insightful, profound, simple, and witty. Wilson has the gift of writing with theological depth and precision while maintaining complete clarity and popular appeal.”
Steve Bezner, Lead Pastor, Houston Northwest Church

“We humans have bad memories when it comes to God’s redemptive work, which means we often don’t realize how God’s story of redemption impacts all of life—even the mundane parts. The Story of Everything reminds us that life should be lived differently because of God’s goodness in creation and redemption. Don’t miss this opportunity to (re)discover the wonder of the perfect God who has invited us into his story.”
Russell L. Meek, Assistant Professor of Christian Studies, Louisiana College

The Story of Everything is an engaging introduction to a comprehensive worldview where Christ is literally the center of everything and everything in life exists under his lordship. Wilson helps us see our place in history, live life in our present reality, and look forward to the blessed hope of Christ’s return. The book offers a well-written, funny, and relentlessly biblical framework for all of life.”
Bland Mason, Pastor, City on a Hill Church, Boston, Massachusetts; chapel leader to the Boston Red Sox

“Jared reminds us to joyfully live like there is a God who is good, powerful, and very much involved in this world. Cutting through the fog of our seemingly mundane, everyday lives, The Story of Everything trains our eyes to delight in this God who is at work to make all things new.”
Erik Raymond, Senior Pastor, Emmaus Bible Church, Omaha, Nebraska

“Abraham Kuyper famously said, ‘There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry: “Mine!”’ In The Story of Everything, Jared Wilson has followed the biblical storyline to show that Kuyper was right. And he’s done it in readable prose for a new generation. Everything matters to God. Let Wilson help you understand what this means for you!”
Josh Chatraw, Executive Director of the Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement, Liberty University






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