Sound of Life’s Unspeakable Beauty [HC]


By: Schleske, Martin


ISBN: 9780802876140

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“In the final analysis, music is prayer cast into sound.”

One of the greatest luthiers of our time reveals the secrets of his profession – and how each phase of handcrafting a violin can point us toward our calling, our true selves, and the overwhelming power and gentleness of God’s love.  Schleske explains that our world is flooded with metaphors, parables, and messages from God.  But are we truly listening?  Do we really see?  Drawing upon Scripture, his life experiences, and his insights as a master violinmaker, Schleske challenges readers to understand the world, ourselves, and the Creator in fresh ways.

The message of this unique book is mirrored in sensitive photographs by Donata Wenders, whose work has appeared in prominent newspapers and magazines, including The New York TimesRolling Stone, and Esquire, as well as museums and galleries throughout the world.

Christianity Today Book Award in Culture and the Arts (2021)