Signs of True Conversion (Today’s Issues


By: Talbot, Mark R.


ISBN: 9781581341744

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Can we be sure that we are truly saved?

Scripture teaches that we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ alone. So we can rest assured that salvation is ours at the very moment of our conversion, at the very moment we repent and believe. Yet how do we know that we have genuinely repented and believed?

In this definitive booklet, Mark Talbot notes the scriptural signs of true conversion. He discusses the order of salvation–the stages by which Christ’s objective and finished work is applied to us–and how to discern authentic faith from the counterfeit. Though all the steps of conversion result from the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives, we must each deliberately and consciously turn to God–cognitively, emotionally, and willfully–each day so that we may bear the fruit of genuine faith.