The Serpent Slayer


By: Thornton & Naselli


ISBN: 9781645072331

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Welcome, Traveler. You are on the Serpent Quest. 

To move from start to middle,

Traveler, solve the riddle.

What is poison to the heart?

Find the answer. Make your start.

Fleeing a neighborhood bully, Emmet and Nomi are pulled into an ancient quest, and now they must escape far more powerful enemies. Join them as they unlock secret riddles and follow the path of the Serpent Slayer.

The Serpent Slayer and the Scroll of Riddles is a time travel adventure with a twist—middle school students will discover theological themes as they travel through God’s Word. By placing the characters into Bible events, Champ Thornton and Andrew Naselli show the Bible is far from being a boring book full of instructions. Readers will discover life-changing truths they’ll never forget.