The Secret Things of God [HC]


By: Cloud, Henry


ISBN: 9781847371911

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Unlocking the Treasures Reserved for You

The phenomenal bestseller, The Secret, tapped into a spiritual hunger present in our society, revealing the Law of Attraction as a way to improve your life and find harmony with universal energies.

Dr Cloud builds on these ideas by offering a positive Christian interpretation of the thinking found in that book.  By comparing ideas and concepts in The Secret with biblical scripture, he points readers to the Creator of the universe as the source of all power, offering twenty spiritual truths that hold within them the secrets of happiness, relationships, and purpose.  Yet even among those who claim a Christian faith, these truths often lie dormant and untapped within the soul.  The Secret Things of God will help readers unlock the secret treasures God has for them, and gives guidance on how to activate these truths in our lives.