The Radical Book for Kids [HC]


By: Thornton, Champ


ISBN: 9781942572718

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The Radical Book for Kids by Champ Thornton is a vibrantly-illustrated introduction to the roots of your child’s faith, including biblical history, theology, fun facts, and encouragements to live out their faith. This book will take children deep into the ancient roots and origins of the Christian faith. Because as children grow up, they should also grow down—letting the Bible sink its roots deep into their lives. Today the word “radical” also means “extreme, drastic, revolutionary.” And this book is radical in that sense too! Children will read about men and women who learned to trust Jesus and stand for him even when everything seemed against them. How did they do it? Radical faith. But there is more—while children explore and grow in their radical faith, they will also find that this book is radical—“excellent, cool”—fun. Recommended for ages 8 to 13 years.