The Merchant and the Thief


By: Zacharias, Ravi



ISBN: 9780310769996

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A Folktale from India

A poignant message about God’s love and forgiveness seen through beautiful glimpses into Indian culture.  Bestselling author Ravi Zacharias unfolds this charming adaptation of a classic Indian folktale, teaching readers young and old powerful truths about the trappings of worldly goods and the true freedom that can only be found in godly treasure.

Once upon a time in the enchanting land of India, a wealthy jewel merchant named Raj went on a long journey.  He is soon joined by Mohan, a would-be thief who hopes to befriend him and steal his fortune!  But the wise merchant has a surprise in store for the thief, offering him a treasure far greater than jewels.  Will Mohan the thief be able to resist the temptation to steal Raj’s hard-earned fortune in exchange for freely embracing the greatest treasure of all?
The Merchant and the Thief is a delightfully modern adaptation of an ancient Indian folktale, invigorating it with fresh new messages of faith and forgiveness.  Featuring the deep and beautiful colors of ancient Indian villages, clothing, and landscapes.
32 pages