The Manual


By: Stewart, Al


ISBN: 9781925424713

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Getting Masculinity Right

Understanding what it means to be male has never been more confusing.  As more male behaviour is called out for being patriarchal or toxic, how does a man navigate these waters?  What does healthy masculinity even look like, and what examples are there of good men that can be followed?

In Al Stewart’s new book, The Manual, he explores so many of the issues that men struggle with.  The Manual is written to men, for men, and about men and is one of those great books that outlines the issues but also gives practical help in how to live your life as a man who is valued by others.  Al works through much of the current debate on masculinity and finds helpful advice from many experts but most importantly works through what the Bible has to say about men and how being a follower of Jesus is central to living a life the loves and serves others.  A life that exhibits what healthy masculinity means.

The Manual is refreshingly honest as Al works through some of his own struggles with the aim of helping others avoid similar mistakes.  It explores a general understanding of manhood but also drills down into what it means to be a healthy son, workmate, friend, single man, husband, and father.  Al makes no bones about his belief in Jesus and the central role his faith has in making him a better man and urges other men to hear the good news of who Jesus is and the difference he makes in all walks of life.