The Making of a Princess


By: Rinke, Robin


ISBN: 9781591856412

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From Barbie dolls to Cinderella’s fantasy transformation, dreams become reality in the land of make-believe. The Making of a Princess takes the dreams and fantasies then transforms them into a living reality in the light of God’s Word. This is a book that will compel every reader to fall down and worship as they come to appreciate the reality and true depth of the Savior’s love. Author Robin R. Rinke weaves together a perfect tapestry of God’s love, proving beyond any semblance of doubt that we do indeed have a royal heritage and that we too can become the true Princesses of our Father’s kingdom. Leave behind the secular world of Cinderella with its fictional mentality and fairytale endings, and learn what it means to be a real princess as you begin to fulfill your royal destiny. Learn to accept your royal heritage, walk in freedom, and hold your head high in the confidence of your royal title. Read this book and you will know just how much Jesus loves you…and just who you are in Him.

About the Author:

Robin R. Rinke, founder of Freebird Ministries, has traveled internationally, preaching the Word and leading revelatory worship. She is a transparent, passionate, and humorous minister. Everything in her life flows out of intimacy with the Lord. She is a devoted wife and mother, has recorded several original CDs, and has hosted two Christian television broadcasts. Robin holds Princess Seminars and conferences to help young women claim their inheritance and walk in their destiny as daughters of God.