The Hunger for Significance


By: Sproul, R.C.


ISBN: 9781629957913

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Dr. Sproul’s classic gets to the heart of humanity’s search for personal worth. As he sheds light on daily obstacles to dignity—in home, school, hospital, prison, church, and workplace—Dr. Sproul points us to new ways of loving and serving one another.

This book is written by a Christian for Christians and for anyone else who shares in the search.

It explores the human cry for dignity, the deep desire for significance, the hallowed longing for love and respect. It touches the aching void in the home, the school, the hospital, the prison, the church, and the workplace. Wherever people come together, hunters meet in common cause—the discovery of worth, the assurance of our dignity.

“We live in an age of great confusion about many things. We are even seriously confused about who we are. Clear thinking about what it means to be humans created in the image of God is a pressing need of our time. This new edition . . . is both timely and very helpful to stimulate us to think biblically about ourselves. This book is accessible and engaging, vivid and wide-ranging. It is also remarkably personal at times. In many ways, this is R.C. Sproul at his best.” —W. Robert Godfrey