The Hole in Our Holiness [eBook]


By: DeYoung, Kevin



ISBN: 9781433533372

Filling the Gap between Gospel Passion and the Pursuit of Godliness

What does it mean to be holy? Why should we care? And how can we change?

The hole in our holiness is that we don’t care much about holiness. Or, at the very least, we don’t understand it.

This is a book for those of us who are ready to take holiness seriously, ready to be more like Jesus, ready to live in light of the grace that produces godliness. This is a book about God’s power to help us grow in personal holiness and to enjoy the process of transformation.


Kevin DeYoung (MDiv, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) is senior pastor at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan. He blogs regularly at the Gospel Coalition and is the author of several popular books, including Just Do Something, Why We Love the Church, and Crazy Busy.






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